Welcoming our Wholesale Roasting Partners

Most people, including us, have felt the weight of inflation, of higher prices and scarcity of supplies. As business owners, we learn to adapt quickly, though it’s not always easy. We may have to slightly increase prices in order to afford supplies and put food on our table and the tables of our employees. We may have to buy a different size to-go cup because the ones we need are all out of stock. It is in these times that we greatly appreciate all those who steadfastly support us, who are patient and understanding and kind. 

With that being said, it is more important than ever to focus on our roasting business. It has the potential to carry our coffee shop on its shoulders. Our coffee shop is limited to only serving coffee in one city, but the beauty of roasting coffee beans is that we can ship it anywhere in the world! I just love the idea of someone in Iceland enjoying a cup of coffee roasted in Decatur, Illinois!

Though that would be wild, we don’t have to go that far to find lovely people and businesses who have decided to buy and sell our coffee. We are excited to give a warm welcome and shout out to our current wholesale partners! The list includes: 

  1. RBar & Grille in Decatur, IL
  2. Donnie’s Homespun Pizza in Decatur, IL
  3. Harvest Market in Springfield, IL
  4. Common Grounds Food Co-op in Urbana, IL
  5. Luminary Kitchen & Provisions in Springfield, IL

We are so thankful for these wonderful restaurants and grocery stores. If you haven’t already, you need to check them out! Great food, great service, great products, and even greater people!

If you know of a business or office that needs a wholesale coffee supplier, we hope you would consider partnering with us! You can simply do this by clicking the following link: https://www.rivercoffee.co/wholesale/.

Our customers are more like friends to us than anything else, and wholesale partners are no different. We look forward to making new friends, even as we cherish the ones we have already made.


Abigail J. Moma

CEO & Media Director

The River Coffee Company