Gao Wen

Gao Wen

12oz of steeped GAO WEN black tea. Served hot or cold.

GAO WEN is Hugo Tea Company’s flagship black tea from Central Yunnan province, China. A dianhong (“Yunnan red”) production from da ye (“big leaf”) cultivar bushes, this lot is distinguished by a unique processing step atypical of most dianhong production: several rounds of high-heat roasting to finish. Through on-site collaboration with the tea makers of Ma Wei Shan, Hugo Tea developed this process to smooth out the bright fruit notes of dianhong in favor of the malty and complex floral qualities older tree Yunnan black tea is lauded for. The result is an ideal breakfast tea.

This annual dinahong is produced in late spring from high-mountain rows of young tea trees. Ma Wei Shan, situated just outside Simao, is foremost a pu’er producer—like their sheng productions, their dianhong is produced with a mix of tips and 2-3 leaves down the shoot that are hand-plucked, sorted, withered in the sun, snail-rolled and bruis


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