About Us

Who we are as a company:
We’re a local family-owned specialty coffee shop, based in Decatur, Illinois. In the coffee world,
we would be considered a third-wave, crafted coffee shop. This just means we value a quality
product, each worker’s efforts to get it there and strive to make the consumer’s appreciation and
experience of that product reflect our own.


Though the mainstream coffee environment is fast-paced, we designed our space as one of rest
and openness, in hopes of promoting relationships and community. Our slow bar is open and
free of the usual eye-obstructing equipment, because we love face to face time with our
customers. Good things take time to build, whether it’s community, relationships, or a fresh cup
of carefully crafted coffee.

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101 N Main St, Decatur IL, 62523
rivercoffee@gmail.com | Tel: (217) 454-2905